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All known namesakes from abt. 1570 till today.


Here you can find all known namesakes. From 1570 till today.
The data are ordered by birth date or - not ready yet - by first name.
NEW 10/17/09: Emigrations to (resp. births in) the U.S. or Canada are marked with flags: USA Canada
Not yet implemented are the markings for emigrations to (resp. births in) Bessarabia and Poland.

Data are still added:
Range number of namesakes Status
birth date 1500-1699 158   0%
1700-1749 162   finished (so far)
1750-1799 251   finished (so far)
1800-1849 455   finished (as of 6/12/10)
1850-1899 806   finished (as of 6/12/10)
1900 until today abt. 570   not to be published

The published data are from the book

"Die Schwarzwälder Familie Ziefle.
Eine Zusammenstellung aller Namensträger im Zeitraum um 1570 bis 1900."

More about this book you can find here.

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