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Adolph Ziefle


Quelle: History of the OSU College of Pharmacy, 09/2002, http://pharmacy.oregonstate.edu/a_level/about_college/about_history.html [offline].

Adolph Ziefle
Bild mit freundlicher Erlaubnis vom 26.05.09
des Archivs der OSU (Oregon State University)
[photo number HC2956]

The College of Pharmacy has its roots in the department of chemistry and pharmacy that was established in 1898 at the Oregon Agricultural College. The four-year program leading to a B.S. degree in pharmacy was an exception in pharmaceutical education of that era. Most pharmaceutical curriculums were two-year programs through the first quarter of the twentieth century.

School of Pharmacy
By 1909, pharmacy and chemistry were separated into two distinct departments. Graduate study in pharmacy leading to the M.S. degree was offered beginning in 1914. In 1917 the department became the school of pharmacy. Professor Adolph Ziefle, who had been head of the department since 1914, was appointed the first dean of the new pharmacy school.

Pharmacy Building Built
Enrollment increased after World War I and in 1923 construction was authorized for a school of pharmacy building. The building was constructed in 1924 for $100,000. Dean Ziefle's administration continued through the depression years and into World War II.

Genealogische Daten
Professor Adolph Ziefle war Dekan des 'College of Pharmacy' der Oregon State Universität (OSU) von 1914 bis ca. 1940.
696d Adolph Amand ZIEFLE, * Michigan 19.8.1882, + 1963, = Crystal Lake Masonic Cemetery, Corvalis, Benton Co., Oregon [Quelle: Ziefle-Buch]

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