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The Family Ziefle


In 1976 I startet collecting all occurrencies of Ziefle-namesakes (the variety of spellings see The Name). The Family Ziefle can be traced until about 1570 in the Black Forest in southern Germany in the surrounding of the town Freudenstadt. Some occurencies before 1570 are known, but not yet researched.

The origin of the name is not perfectly solved. Some facts about the name you can read in the section The Name.

Today three coats of arms are known. Just look to this section to learn more about it.

With The Location you get an overview to all the locations the Family Ziefle lived and still lives. If you can read German just switch to the German version: here are many pages which are not translated yet. See for example the (german) page about History of Igelsberg.

The earliest Ziefle's are known about 1394.

Between the years about 1570 till 1900 more than 1,500 namesakes are known. Many of them emigrated between 1850 and 1870 "in Americam", some went to Russia, some to Canada. Common things about the emigrations you can read in the section Emigrations. An alpabetic index of all known emigrated namesakes, a list of namesakes born in the USA and Ziefle in the U.S. Census Lists you will get with the section Ziefle in the USA. Additions are welcome !

At Family History you can read historical reports about the family. Old documents from the archives will be published her too. But - some of these pages are in German and so far not translated.

The Photoalbum shows pictures from namesakes born before 1900. Recent pictures that I found searching the Internet are there collected too.

With Graves you get a list where namesakes are buried.

A Family Reunion took place 1997 in Canada.

 New with these pages

[Feb 4th, 2003] Historical document: List of what they did consume at Hanns Conrath Zifle [more].
[Jan 8th, 2003] A new youngest one: Nikola Jasmin is here! [more]
[Jan 7th, 2003] Nadja Züfle and three other german pupils wrote a historical mystery [more].
[Jan 1st, 2003] Happy new year! A bunch of new pictures [more].
[Dec 31th, 2002] Pictures from the Ziefle family reunion 1934 [more].
[Dec 30th, 2002] The Ziefle Family Book will be available in 2003. Interested? [more]. Photo from the Ziefle siblings (1888) [more].
[Oct 16th, 2002] From all over the net: now 50 pictures from namesakes [more].
10/11/02 - Photo from Christian Friedrich Ziefle (born 1868) with wife and two sons [more].
10/06/02 - Photo from Johann Friedrich Ziefle (born 1870) with wife and daughters [more].
9/28/02 - Two pages about Dean Adolph Ziefle from the Oregon State U and Fridrich Züfle from Kornwestheim at Family History.
9/10/02 - Find the graves of namesakes with graves.
8/3/02 - Now 30+ pictures from namesakes in the Photoalbum.
5/4/02 - In the Ziefle Publication List the publications from namesakes are gathered.
4/23/01 - The Youngest One is: Hanna Katharina [more].
1/22/98 - New translation: Coats of arms.
1/21/98 - The earliest Ziefle known to live about 1394 [more].
1/5/98 - New built pages Ziefle in the USA with the emigants, "born in the USA" and Ziefle in the U.S. Census.
12/29/97 - consult the new Address Book & add your address !

Last in 1992 all the namesakes were published (Die Schwarzwälder Familie Ziefle. Eine Zusammenstellung der Namensträger im Zeitraum um 1570 bis 1900 [German Title]). More about this publication you'll get with The Family Book.

Inquiries about Ziefle-ancestors I will gladly answer. For your inquiries please us the form in the section Am I related?, but I answer other mail too (please allow some time). For an inquiry you should send as much data you can get. Above all there should be an ancestor born before 1900.
When you got data about the Family Ziefle, I'd like to get in contact with you. I'm interested in any piece of the big puzzle.

With the phone books you can get the number of namesakes in different countries. The Ziefle at the Web lead to pages of namesakes in the Internet. The Ziefle Address Book lists online addresses of namesakes.

In the Ziefle Publication List all publications from or about a namesake are gathered.


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