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At this page pictures from namesakes are published.

You miss a certain picture, perhaps from your grandparents ? This gallery isn't finished. You got an old family photography you'd like to see here ? Just click here to send me an e-Mail.

vor 1900

At this page pictures from namesakes are published born before the year 1900.
Clicking on a name below leads you straight to the picture and the description.

Adolph Ziefle (born 1882)
Barbara Ziefle (born 1875)
Emma Ziefle (born 1888)
Gustav Ziefle (born 1881)
Family Gustav Ziefle [1928]
Johann Adam Ziefle (born 1883)
Johannes Ziefle (born 1834)
Johannes Ziefle (born 1870)
Karl Ziefle (born 1882)
Engagement day [18.7.1913]
as soldier [Christmas 1914]
NN Züfle [1901, "Reserve 1901, 3. Comp. Regt. 126, Strassburg"]
Louis Zuefle [1945]
current pictures

this section will be renewed.

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