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Christian Friedrich Ziefle



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place picture taken: unknown

date picture taken: between 1900-1910

comment: The picture shows us Christian Friedrich ZIEFLE with his wife Pauline ALBER and the two sons Friedrich ZIEFLE and Willi ZIEFLE. They lived at the Christophshof near Wildbad.
Christian Friedrich ZIEFLE was born as second of twelve childs of Johann Friedrich ZIEFLE and Friederike Charlotte CALMBACH. There as a picture from his parents too.
He is founder of the transportation companies Ziefle. In the beginning they took wood with horses from the forest and transported it to the sawing mill. Today his grandchildren have the transportation companies further: Willi ZIEFLE with the European-wide acting long-distance transportation enterprise (see: Ziefle at the Web); his brother Paul drives today still wood, as well as the sister Elfriede, which manages also a small transportation company.

Picture and information from: Rainer Jührs (, Großostheim, Thank you!
(Willi Ziefle in the picture above is his Godfather)

Genealogical data:

Christian Friedrich ZIEFLE
[ 659] * Gutwöhr 30.7.1868, + Wildbad, oo Wildbad 23.10.1909 Pauline Friederike ALBER; children: Friedrich ; Willi ; Paul; Erwin



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