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Johannes Ziefle




place picture taken: unknown, probably his farm in Igelsberg

date picture taken: unknown

comment: This picture shows Johannes ZIEFLE and his wife Karoline BURKHARDT. Johannes Ziefle was born as first of seven children of Johannes ZIEFLE and Christina WURSTER. He was farmer and [Gemeindepfleger] in Igelsberg from 1875 on, mayor from 1892 until 1903 there, About his wife nothing further is known. They had 14 children. They are my great-grandparents.

Genealogical data:

Johannes ZIEFLE
[ 534] farmer and [Gemeindepfleger] from 1875, mayor 1892-1903 in Igelsberg, * Igelsberg 27.5.1834, + Igelsberg 27.10.1907, oo Igelsberg 30.3.1869 Karoline BURKHARDT (* Wörnersberg 15.11.1846, + Igelsberg 5.4.1914; Daughter of Michael BURKHARDT and Anna Maria DÖLKER); 14 children



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