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At this site you will find information about the family Ziefle (and namesakes with similar spellings like Züfle, Ziffle and others).

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The general information about family research provided here will give you many sources for pursuing the fascinating work of genealogy.

In case you missed something or have a problem with these pages, please don't hesitate to tell me. If you have a problem with some of my translation, please feel free to correct my Germish. Any suggestions ? Use the guest book or send an email. Enjoy surfing. Perhaps you will discover new pages ?



[May 27th, 2017] soon: the fourth edition of the family book [more]
[May 26th, 2009] At last: photo of Dean Adolph Ziefle [more]
[Dec 14th, 2004] A new youngest one: Martha Elisabeth is here! [more]
[Sept 28th, 2003] Unknown Züfle at picture from 1901 [more].
[May 2nd, 2003] The Friedrich-Züfle-Road in Kornwestheim [more].
[Feb 4th, 2003] Historical document: List of what they did consume at Hanns Conrath Zifle [more].
[Jan 7th, 2003] Nadja Züfle and three other german pupils wrote a historical mystery [more].
[Dec 31th, 2002] Pictures from the Ziefle family reunion 1934 [more].
[Dec 30th, 2002] The Ziefle Family Book will be available in 2003. Interested? [more]. Photo from the Ziefle siblings (1888) [more].
[Oct 10th, 2002] Photo from Christian Friedrich Ziefle (born 1868) with wife and two of his sons [more].
[Oct 6th, 2002] Photo from Johann Friedrich Ziefle (born 1870) with wife and daughters [more].

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