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Am 30.06.99 um 19:01 Uhr schrieb
Joan Vreeland Studer
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Great site! I just started researching in Germany. I'm looking for traces of my ggrandmother, she came to the US around 1854 with her father, Carl ABERLEY.
Her name was Marie and she was 16 at the time. She married an Achille PATEY, who traveled from Hamburg with her.

Am 23.06.99 um 07:04 Uhr schrieb
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GUTE PAGE!! Uebersichtlich, Informativ, Nett Designed!! Weiter So!!
Gruesse vom Bear aus Chicago, IL :0)

Am 16.05.99 um 22:51 Uhr schrieb
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Ich suche infos zum Namen ERHARDT, KRECH und ALBA
Vielen dank für infos.

Marcel Erhardt

Am 10.05.99 um 04:16 Uhr schrieb
patrick stagles
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hi michael
i just started looking for my grandmothers maiden name was clara enderlin.she has told me our family comes from alsace-loraine

Am 04.05.99 um 21:59 Uhr schrieb
Kamee Perrenoud
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Great site! Thanks for you work. I am researching my maternal great-grandfather Paul Feodor HEIMBERGER. Also the surname FROEHLICH. Supposedly from Baden.

Am 28.04.99 um 22:06 Uhr schrieb
Thomas Züffle
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Hallo Michael,

ich bin ein Züffle aus dem Schwarzwald und beginne eben mit dem Zusammentragen der Familiengeschichte der "Züffle". Auf der Suche nach "Züffle" bin ich auf Deine Seite gestoßen und bin ganz begeistert, was Du hier alles an Informationen anbietest.

Vielleicht haben unsere Stammbäume eine gemeinsame Wurzel ?
Sobald ich mehr Informationen habe, melde ich mich wieder.
Bis dann.

Am 08.04.99 um 20:43 Uhr schrieb
Denise (Loan) Schmidt
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I am trying to research the family name of GARCHER. Find occationally spelled GARCAR. My grandfathers birth certificate from Briar Hill, Pennsylvania, USA, has both his parents birth places listed as Austria. Any one with name or knows of someone with this name please contact me.
Thank you.

Am 08.04.99 um 04:32 Uhr schrieb
carolyn cook
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Searching for the birth place of August Dammeier b. 1827 in germany ahd emigrated to canada possibly early1840's also any thing connected to this surname

Am 03.04.99 um 22:41 Uhr schrieb
Sharon Pohlman
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Hello! My German ROOTS are; Meyer; Wiggenhorn; Beckhaus; von Kedenberg; Eglebrock These families were in Germany before 1848, Meyer and Wiggenhorn came to the US in 1848, from the Westfallen area, ANY CONNECTIONS?

Am 03.04.99 um 20:03 Uhr schrieb
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Hi! Just found your site. I looks great! Research for my family: GENTNER, Kreis Ludwigsburg + other GENTERS near Stuttgrat, KAYSER family went to Russia c1818 emigr to America c1870; My husband's family: DUNWALD, Bezirk Koeln + ESSER, SCHROEDER. DUNWALD emgr to Amer 1862; Son-in-law's family: HENCKEL, BIFFLE/BUEFFLE. Thanks for the work you are doing!

Am 19.03.99 um 08:01 Uhr schrieb
Kirsi Veltheim
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Hallo, ich suche meine verwandten mit namen VELTHEIM,(nicht von Veltheim). Meine urgrossvater hat um 1852 nach Finnland gekommen und er hatte mindestens eine bruder in Deuschland der möglich familien hatte.
Hello, I'm looking for my relatives with name VELTHEIM ( not von Veltheim). My greatgrandfather came to Finland on 1852 and he had at least one brother left in Germany, so it's possible that there stil exists some of the family.

Am 16.03.99 um 20:26 Uhr schrieb
Lorri Silveira
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Hello, Iam researching my mother's family. The surname is Shirley. Ihave my grandfather's birthdate and place. His name was Don LeRoy Shirley, and he was born on August 25th, 1895, in Hennessey, Oklahoma. His parents were Edwin Shirley annd Edna Cooke Shirley. He was orginally from Missouri{I think} and she was from New York state. We are supposed to be related to Belle Starr,(Myra Belle Shirley). I would love to find out where our family orginaaly came from. Thank you, Lorri Silveira.

Am 23.02.99 um 09:07 Uhr schrieb
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Ich suche Verwandten und nach decendents von Heinrich Wilhelm Hellbusch und Elsa Martha Louise Schenk, die Muttersubstanzen von Karl Heinrich getragenes Hellbusch April 5 1927 in Sandhatten Deutschland

Am 11.02.99 um 02:14 Uhr schrieb
Bruce Kistler
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Johannes KISTLER emigrated from Auerbach, Germany (near Karlsruhe) in 1737 and arrived in Philadelphia in October of that year. I am seeking any information that can link him to the KISTLER family of Richen, Baden.

Am 29.01.99 um 23:53 Uhr schrieb
Mary Jorens
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My 4th great grandfather Gottlieb Klett emigrated to Philadelphia in 1805. He lived in Knittlingen, Wuerttemberg where he married Maria Barbara Braun. Her family was from Knittlingen. I don't know where Gottlieb was born. Still searching....

Am 25.01.99 um 07:34 Uhr schrieb
Joy Matti
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You have a great website here. I am interested in the OSB for Oberschopfheim, which is now a part of Friesenheim and for the names SPAETH, ROEDER AND SCHMIDT.

Am 19.01.99 um 19:13 Uhr schrieb
Stuart Haller
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Hi Michael,

My ancestor Johann Peter Haller (abt. 1734-1802) was born Germany or Switzerland, and came to the US on the ship Duke of Wirtemberg in 1752. Just wondering if their was any way of finding out where he came from in Germany. His wife was Christina Magdalena ?.

Am 16.01.99 um 04:08 Uhr schrieb
Stacey Adkins
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Great site. I am just starting to work on our family tree. My mother's father is from Germany and her maiden name is Buchtel. I'll definitely be back.

Am 11.01.99 um 01:43 Uhr schrieb
Bill Weaver
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Just browsing through! My interests are families from Bremen, Niedersachen, and Wurttemberg. Names include Feuerhake, Sprick,Maier (Meyer), Hardekopf, Trefz, and others. Will revisit this site again, I hope. Thanks for being here!

Am 07.01.99 um 05:47 Uhr schrieb
Sandra Lee McQuary Massey
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Love your site! I have just started to work on my Family Tree. My Father's family came from Ireland and my Mother's family came from Germany. My Father's name was James Clinton McQuary, Jr. and my Mothers name was Ola Marguerite Link before marriage. I will be back to look again.

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