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Guest Book 1998 (part 2)


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Am 26.12.98 um 17:30 Uhr schrieb
Jim Kurtti
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I keep hoping to find something about my ancestor
JACOB SCHELL, born 1826/27 near Heidelberg. He was
in the German Army from 1848-1852 and then came to
America. - My wife's family is from Neukirch in
the Black Forest (FALLER, KUSS)

Am 21.12.98 um 02:30 Uhr schrieb
Tricia Fortney
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Hi! I am researching my German ancestors Wareheim (originally Werheim, also spelled Warehime) from near Frankfurt, emigrated in 1700's; Hess and Kaufman from Gehaus and Pfertdorf, emigrated 1870/1871; and Dennsteadt (or Dennstaedt)and vonBerg from Hesse, emigrated to Baltimore 1880's. Anyone out there with any connections to these families please contact me!!
Love your web-site very easy to use and very informative
Tricia Fortney

Am 20.12.98 um 20:20 Uhr schrieb
( / http://-forgetit!)

hi michel!
Was macht denn deine ???? Hab demnächst eine - grüße u. frohes fest. Axel

P.S. schon mal ne bianca eingerichtet für zugang zu cserve ? wenn ja, dann mail mir bitte die konfiguration bye

Am 18.12.98 um 02:45 Uhr schrieb
Ondina Strassburger
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I would like to know about my family tree, Strassburger. My grandfather Rodolpho was born near 1902 - Jablonec Nad Nissau -Republik Czek and he dead in 1945. He had a brother, but i don´t know his First Name. When the world war II cames, his brother went to some place and my father cames to Brazil. If somebody knows anything about, please contact me. Address: Rua Desembargador Sidney Sanches no. 52 - Country Ville - Zip Code 13050181 - Campinas - SP - Brazil

Am 12.12.98 um 03:55 Uhr schrieb
Joe Kramer
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Good data base. Well set up. Will visit again.
Joe Kramer

Am 08.12.98 um 22:30 Uhr schrieb
jille byrns (ziefflie)
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hi! i'm just starting to do some family tree research.i live in canada. i will be visiting this great site often for more information. i'm excited to see that this family had their own coat of arms. thanks!

Am 07.12.98 um 11:28 Uhr schrieb
Nico Mueller
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Ein weiterer Tip fuer die Telefonbuch - Suche in Frankreich:



Am 01.12.98 um 14:04 Uhr schrieb
Büchler Bernhard
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Bernhard Büchler
Rudolfstrasse 10
CH-6023 Rothenburg

Am 01.12.98 um 09:39 Uhr schrieb
Larry Ziffle
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Sorry for the confusion !! I forgot my password of my email. Hopeflly it will be the last time I change it. It is I live in Winnipeg, Manitba, Canada. My father ( Alfred ) says that his decendents came from the Black Forest area and emmigrated to Poland . There are relatives living in Germany still..

Am 17.11.98 um 05:12 Uhr schrieb
Larry Ziffle
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HI !! again, I've got a email setup by my stepson. so here it is lziffle @

Am 17.11.98 um 04:44 Uhr schrieb
Larry Ziffle
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Hello ! I am writing to you for the first time on the internet. My nane is Larry Ziffle. I live in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.I have been trying to find my family tree and ancestry.The only person on the internet related to me is my cousin's son Dean Ziffle who lives in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada. My father's name is Alfred,and his father was Fredrich Wilhelm Ziffle.My father said that back in Poland in the 1930's,he wrote his name as ZIEFLE. Iam using my stepson's email, for I haven't setup a site or email yet. Please if you would like to email me or phone me ,it would be of great input to the Ziffle name. My phone number is 1-204-3345987.Hope to hear from you soon.!!!

Am 16.11.98 um 01:42 Uhr schrieb
Ina van der Laan
( /

I did some "site-seeing" and enjoyed visiting you!

Am 15.11.98 um 12:44 Uhr schrieb
Josef Ramsperger
( /

Gruss aus Sigmaringen. Schoene Seiten mit nuetzlichen Infos.

Am 01.11.98 um 21:06 Uhr schrieb
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I am trying to find out about the name Mauller and
Bolenbaugh. not muller or miller but Mauller.
Pat Short

Am 01.11.98 um 20:20 Uhr schrieb
Ken & Carolyn Winters
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Enjoyed your site, very much! Still working on my mother's maiden name Zwisle , in West Virginia. I don,t know where they came from.

Am 27.10.98 um 06:19 Uhr schrieb
Jean Tschiggfrey
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I've been workings on the Klumpp family name and all related surnames from the Baiersbronn area. Spent over 10 years translating the church books into English. Can I be of some help to you?

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