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The first Ziefle's.


I tried to translate the german page. The expressions are quite difficult...

The first mentioned Ziefle are listed here.

about 1200 Henrici Zwivils/Zwivels in Köln
[Source: Berger/Etter, Die Familiennamen der Reichsstadt Eßlingen im Mittelalter (the family names in the town E▀lingen in Middle Ages), in: Eßlinger Studien, Bd. 7, 1961]
1394 Hans Zyfflin in Kempten [Stiftkemptisches Saalbuch, 1394]
1427 Jos Zyfflin and his father Haincz Zyfflin in Kempten
1436 Jos Zyfflin in Kempten
1440 Züflin / Zwfflin [source: Berger/Etter, see above]
1459/60 Reinerzau: 3 fiefs (among them Huttenbacher's and Seebronner's fief) belong to the "Zifflin" (later Johannesbauernhof) [Q115k]
1525 Reinerzau: Hans Zyflin owns house/farm worth 15 fl. (this is average in Reinerzau, 10 - 25 fl.); perhaps son or grandchild of the Z. from 1459/60 [Q115k]
1564 Lagerbuch Schömberg: Michel Ziflin "auff dem Hardt" at Schömberg (later Blumenhof) [Q115k]
1582 Martin ZIFLEN [ >6a], lawsuit;
1589 Musterliste [examination for military service] 1589: Hanns and Peter ZYFELIN as "Doppelsöldner"
1590 Lagerbuch 1590: Peter ZIFLEN: owns a farm in Weißenbach (Fol. 406u.), Hans ZIFLEN "im Dorf", mayor
1590 Martin ZIFLEN [ >6a], fields Tonbach
1593 Lagerbuch 1593: Peter ZIFLEN, Weißenbach, Hans ZIFLEN "im Dorf", mayor
1595 Martin [ >6], named in Röt, Martin ( >6a), "Reichenbacher Höfe im Tonbach"
1598 Martin [ >6], named in Röt, Martin ZIFLEN [ >6a], Hof im Tonbach
1603 Musterliste [examination for military service] 1603: Hanns ZYFELIN, mayor, "Doppelsöldner"; Michael, unmarried "Doppelsöldner"; Hans, married "Mußgatierer"
1608 Martin [ >6], named in Röt
1610 First entry in the citizen book Röt: "Fridt Ziflen Schmidt" [ >2]; "Hans Ziflen" [ >1]
1612 "Enderiß ZIFLOIN, Friden Sohn hat Ao. 1612 Erbhuldigung erstattet" (son of Friden, has done in 1612 "Erbhuldigung".
1613 Endriß huldigt as "Enderißen Sohn" (son of Enderis)
1616 Michell ZIFLEN huldigt, * calc. 1598
1625 Enderiß ZIFLEN Friden Sohn (Enderi▀, son of Friden), Schütze; Endris ZIFLEN Enderisen Sohn (Endris, son of Enderis), Schütze
um 1625 Lagerbuch: "Jung Enderis Ziflen ... 300 R"
1641 Lagerbuch 1641: Peter ZÜFFLIN [ >9]: "... at Weissenbach"
1667 Lagerbuch Röt 1667, S. 3651: "... wie dann Enderes: Unnd Friderich Ziflen, gewesene Brüder solche Güeter miteinander genoßen ..."


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