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Family Reunion.

Canada 1997


A Ziffle family reunion took place in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) in July 1997, 11-14. Assembled were Larry and Alfred (from Winnipeg, Manitoba), Robert and Allon (from Calgary, Alberta) Leo (from Cambridge, Ontario), Alyssa, Carolyn, Dean and Gary (Ottawa).

Ziffle family reunion 1997
picture by Dean Ziffle
Ziffle Family Reunion 1997
  Upper row: Leo (4th person from left)
  Middle row: Alfred (1st person left side)
  Bottom row: 2nd from left: Larry, in the middle: Alissa (youngest known Ziffle) with Carolyn & Dean

The Canadian Ziffle Family will meet again probably in two years. If you want to know more about this reunion or get in contact with one of the Canadian Ziffle's - just mail to Dean Ziffle (


The family Ziffle (and other forms of the name) can be found all over Canada. It has been claimed, that all Ziffles there descend from one ancestor. This couldn't be proofed yet.
So far only a Johannes Zuefle [643c] is known, born Dec 26, 1859 in Baiersbronn, who emigrated to Hensall/ Ontario in Canada. He was a shoemaker, married there 1889 or 1890. His latest known ancestor was a Jacob Ziflen [7], born about 1593, probably in Baiersbronn-Tonbach [see: Emigrations to Canada].

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