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Nadja Züfle


With her teacher and three other pupils Nadia Züfle wrote under the pseudonym "Dorothea S. Baltenstein" a mystery. After three years of hard work they finished the Manuskript in late 1988. The book was published as "Vier Tage währt die Nacht" [the night lasts four days] at the german Eichborn-Verlag.

Dorothea S. Baltenstein
Vier Tage währt die Nacht
ISBN 3-8218-0456-4
19,90 € [D] / 36,00 SFR

The history of this school project can be found here [german].

There are articles from the german newspaper Berliner Zeitung (23.12.2002) and the german magazine Stern 52/2002. The Frankfurter Rundschau wrote also about that project (06.01.2003, not yet online).


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