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Family Research


Family research is fun ! I startet in 1976 when I found by chance a filled form called "Feststellung der arischen Abstammung" [statement of arish extraction] of my grandfather. It is a form, all people had to complete in the Third Reich to proof their arian extraction. If you are interested how this form looked like: the four pages can be looked at:


I drew family trees and needed constantly new pages and glue to fix them on the left and on the right and on the top and bottom. After that I tried it with index cards. I prepared a genealogical table and a descending table.

In this section I want to give some tips, how to do ancestry research in Germany (especially if you don't live there), how to get literature and how to use your computer for ancestry research. All these tips are for beginners. You got a tip ? You want to make a suggestion for improvement ? You are welcome.


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