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Ziefle Address Book.



These adresses are published with the permission of the bearers. You want your address at this place? Click here.
To prevent that these addresses are caught by spammers, they are entcrypted.

Name Ort Land eMail
Bodo Ziefle Campagnatico Italy
Brigitte Freidel, geb. Züfle Hollenstedt Germany
Christoph Züfle Villingen Germany
Eileen Zuefle Sloansville, NY USA
Eileen Züfle Tauberbischofsheim Germany
Günther Ziefle Lampertheim-Hofheim Germany
Hans Joachim Züfle 53797 Lohmar Germany
Heiko Züfle Linden-Leihgestern Germany
Helmut Ziefle Enzklösterle Germany
Jille Ziefflie Sakatoon Canada
Jochen Michael Züfle Esslingen Germany
Jörg Thomas Ziefle Heilbronn Germany
Julianne Ziefle Texas USA
Karen Ziefle Baldus Indianapolis USA
Karlheinz Ziefle Kirchentellinsfurt Germany
Karlheinz Züfle Freudenstadt-Frutenhof Germany
Klaus Ziefle Waldachtal-Lützenhardt Germany
Larry Ziffle Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Martina Ziefle Aachen Germany
Matthias Züfle Heidelberg Germany
Michael Ziefle Heilbronn Germany
Michael Züfle Stockach Wiedenzhausen Germany
Richard Michael Ziffle Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Ralf Züfle Baiersbronn Germany
Rolf Züfle Tonbach Germany


last changed: October 12, 2003
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